La Maison du Whisky is a family owned company, founded in 1956 in Paris and is the French specialist of rare Whiskies and niche spirits, importation and distribution.

La Maison du Whisky Singapore brings the same rare and collectible products to these shores, as well as the same approach and passion that has made the mother company one of the most respected in the world today. Located on the leafy, pedestrianised area of Robertson Quay, it proudly displays its vast collection of Whiskies and Spirits for retail daily and as the sun sets, La Maison du Whisky becomes one of Singapore’s top destinations to enjoy a Gin and Tonic or share a bottle of Whisky with friends.

Discover our new catalogue: Still Life

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Referring to eternal life, life frozen in time, silent and literally distilled, La Maison du Whisky’s 2016 collection highlights distillation and its multiple aspects. Illustrated by a trio of artists called HER, the trilogy runs through our entire catalogue, in which a number of whiskies, rums, mezcals, and other expressions are grouped in threes, primarily single casks, which proves the extent to which ageing, more than distillation, impacts on style and character. Prepare yourselves for wonderful surprises!


This year, we called on the talents of ‘HER’, aka Henrike Stahl, Eric Poupy & Regina Dabdab, to depict La Maison du Whisky 2016 collection. Each of them brings there subjectivity, uniqueness, and expertise to complement one another. As a result, they make us see the world with new eyes. These three artists, inspired by the world of fine spirits, created around fifteen photos of still life subjects overflowing with life. The new Artist Series #5 and our 2016 Collection catalogue bring these photos to life.

Discover it online here.


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