SVM 14 ans EMB Blend Continental Aging Plummer


Produced from a blend of 12 casks distilled in 2004 aged entirely in a continental climate in Europe, this version, which is part of the Plummer (EMB) category of rums produced by the Monymusk distillery, has an ester content of 129.9 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol. With cane sugar as its guiding theme, it is with alarming natural beauty that it showcases a palette of flavours and aromas moving with a rolling gait through languid sequences that inspire contemplation. Captivating and enthralling, it is also the perfect pretext for adventuring further into the world of perfume.
the concentrated first nose reproduces notes of sugar cane and still warm cane sugar. Allowed to breathe, on the edge of the aromatic palette we find citrus fruit (lemon), pine resin, coconut milk and exotic fruit (banana, pineapple). The energetic attack is then characterized by flavours of warm cane sugar. Next, fresh fruits (pear, apple) bring lots of classicism to the mid-palate. The delicate finish weaves slowly through fields of sugar cane and flowering geraniums. Note that it is constantly refreshed by herbal infusions (green tea, sage).

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Appearance : greenish gold.
Nose : rich, concentrated. The first nose reproduces a stunning note of sugar cane with rare astuteness. It is golden and releases still warm sugar. Allowed to breathe, on the edge of the aromatic palette we find citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit), pine resin, coconut milk, candied ginger and numerous exotic fruits (banana, pineapple, passion fruit). Gradually it becomes floral (jasmine, iris).
Palate : lively, passionate. On the attack, the same warm cane sugar very gently coats the taste buds almost indelibly. Next, fresh fruits (pear, apple, white peach) replace the exotic fruits, bringing lots of classicism to the mid-palate. With time, soft spices (cinnamon, curry) appear alongside intense dark chocolate, toffee and other more empyreumatic notes (lime blossom, pine).
Overall : long, delicate. With all the languor required, the finish weaves slowly through fields of sugar cane and flowering geraniums. Although heady, it is also constantly refreshed by absolutely delicious herbal flavours (green tea, sage). The retro-nasal olfaction prioritizes sugar cane, spices (cumin, star anise) and aquatic plants (rush, reed). The empty glass is then slightly medicinal (ointment), camphoric and marvellously floral (white lily, iris).

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