SVM 11 ans MMW Blend Tropical Aging Wedderburn


Selected by the Dutch independent bottler Scheer and the Italian specialist Velier, this version aged entirely in a tropical climate in Jamaica is a blend of 2 casks distilled in 2008 and 10 casks distilled in 2007. Part of the Wedderburn category of rums produced by the Monymusk-Clarendon distillery, it has an ester-content of 315.6 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol. Extreme and uncompromising, it invites us to discover a palette of flavours and aromas that wavers between exuberance, originality and classicism. Shattering the boundaries of the tasting, it crosses oceans to troop deep into the heart of a famous Scottish island.
the well-developed first nose is oxidative (apricot, ripe pineapple) and herbaceous (tobacco leaf). Set in a d¨¦cor of antique wood, it reveals notes of musk, oak, turpentine and gouache. Fresh fruit (apple) and salted butter caramel create a very fresh second sequence of aromas. The dynamic attack reveals notes of hydrocarbon (tar), wildflower and spices (cinnamon, black pepper). Allowed to breathe, the mid-palate invites us to bite into black grapes. The well-balanced start of the finish highlights the very delicate mouthfeel.

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Appearance : topaz
Nose : rich, well-developed. The superbly oxidative (apricot, ripe pineapple) and herbaceous (tobacco leaf, bay leaf) first nose evokes a d¨¦cor of antique wood. Oak, musk, toasted walnut and turpentine aromas make a solid contribution to the quality of this aromatic introduction. Next, fresh fruits (apple, plum), milk chocolate and salted butter caramel symbolize a second very fresh sequence of aromas. Much later, plants (verbena), noble spices (nutmeg, clove) and exotic fruits (mango, guava) leave their signature.
Palate : vigorous, dynamic. On the attack, hydrocarbon flavours (macadam, tar) create a solid base for wildflowers (daisy, dandelion), vanilla pod, toffee, various spices (cinnamon, star anise, black pepper) and coriander. The particularly juicy mid-palate invites us to bite into whole bunches of black grapes. A sweet liqueur of macerated fruits seasoned with saffron then floods the palate. At the end of the palate, a new fruit – plantain banana – arrives on centre-stage.
Overall : long, balanced. Full of serenity and grandeur, the start of the finish highlights the very delicate mouthfeel. Cocoa powder mixes with cinnamon and candied apricot. Very mineral (lava, manganese), it gradually covers the palate in essential oils (eucalyptus, geranium, ylang ylang, English lavender). On the retro-nasal olfaction, various exotic fruits (banana, pineapple) return in force to the centre-stage. The very compact empty glass will remind enthusiasts of a bloc of peat overflowing with seaweed and mineral salts.

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