HAMPDEN 8 YO 2012 OWH Single Cask #669 – LMDW15 #1


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Jamaica, Pure Single Rum – 61.9%, 70cl
Single Cask #669, Bourbon Barrel Limited edition of 250 bottles
LMDW Singapore Exclusive

Originally bottled for the Whisky Live Singapore that never happened, we’re excited to officially release this Hampden OWH Single Cask #669 as the FIRST Single Cask in LMDW Singapore’s 15th Anniversary Single Casks range.

With the Trelawny Endemic Bird Series, the Hampden distillery pays tribute to the rich wildlife of 67 different bird species living in the heart of Cockpit Valley, notably including the golden swallow, crested quail-dove, black-billed amazon and Jamaican blackbird.

Living up to its epic history, Hampden’s lightest mark definitely has a lot to say! The Hampden OWH #669 is undoubtedly Jamaican on the nose, despite tropical fruit notes that are rather soft; it then gives way to warm spices (cinnamon & nutmeg), and wood polish.

On the palate, it is lovely and complex. The attack is gently acidic and vegetal, followed by rich chocolate notes and a touch of leather. Ripe fruit is balanced by the warm spices, lightly roasted, joined by soft, inviting notes of toasted bread.
We highly recommend trying this Hampden OWH #669 with a little bit of dilution as it opens up beautifully. With water, the acidity gives way to richer, sweeter tones, and fresh tropical fruits blossom, with a welcoming touch of black pepper.

Finally, the roasted notes mingle with fresh notes of menthol, eucalyptus and liquorice on the finish. Truly, an epic ride.

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