ICHIRO’S MALT CHICHIBU Single Cask #7087 LMDW Singapore Flowers Series #2


Founded in 2007 by Ichiro Akuto, grandson of the founder of the Hanyu distillery, Chichibu has been in business since February 2008. Consisting of two stills made to order in Scotland by Forsyth’s, it is not only the first Japanese single malt distillery since Hakushu, but it was also the smallest and most confidential. Beginning with the sale in 2008 of several very young whiskey cuvées, the “newborn” range, Ichiro offered, from Whiskey Live Paris 2011, his first “real” whiskey, a three-year-old cask brut. Today the distillery bottles its own whiskeys up to 12 years old for its Chichibu and Ichiro’s Malt range. The distillery also houses the last stocks of Karuizawa, Kawasaki and Hanyu.

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Appearance :
Bright golden yellow like sunshine

Nose : On the first nose, damp earth with some smoke trailing off with floral and herbaceous notes. Allowed to breathe, stone fruits start to emerge and gradually the scent of butterscotch and vanilla takes over.

Palate : Nice and warming mouthfeel. Initial notes barbeque but not overwhelming followed by cinnamon and nutmeg along with orange peel comes to mind followed by caramel and vanilla.

Finish : A chewy, lingering creamy finish that lasts a long time.

Overall : A very elegant peated whisky that everyone can enjoy whether you are a peat lover or not.

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