VIEUX VAVAL VIEUX CASIMIR Sherry Cask Whisky Live Paris 2021 #CA17OL-5


Following the outstanding version matured in rum and whisky casks featured in our 2021 Creation Catalogue, we now invite you to discover this Vieux Sajous sherry cask. Its enveloping, rich and deep palette of flavours and aromas is bolstered by the Andalusian wine’s influence, further highlighting the sublime notes of sugar cane, cane sugar and cane juice that guide the tasting to evermore class and complexity.

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Tasting Notes

Appearance : Coppery

Nose : Rich, concentrated. The very elegant and complex first nose is at once oxidative (apricot, cherries in brandy), chocolatey, delicately woody and liquoricey. Allowed to breathe, it develops more spicy and hot notes (paprika, Cayenne pepper, pepper, nutmeg). Juicy oranges, heather honey, poppy flower and spice bread then arrive in a climax.

Palate : Lively and subtle. The very floral (lilac, geranium), exotic (mango), spicy (cinnamon) and roasted (coffee, tonka) attack is also characterized by sublime flavours of cane juice. Next, wildflower honey, roasted pineapple and flambéed banana bring lots of smoothness and shine to the mid-palate. The end of the palate takes us to the middle of a cane field, as a fine layer of soot gradually coats the taste buds.

Finish : Long, silky. The incredibly unctuous (mango flesh, orange zest, very ripe pineapple), start of the finish also reveals notes of wax and incense. The very end of the finish invites us to savour the flavours of caramelized sugar cane. The fruity and floral retro-nasal olfaction draws out the sensation of serenity emanating from the flavour palette. The empty glass is roasted (coffee), vegetal (Havana cigar), floral (French marigold) and particularly suggestive (artichoke heart, apricot stone).

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