BANFF 46 ans 1976 Private Collection G&M


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Some distilleries have extraordinary, enduring stories, but it’s hard to imagine them ever matching up to the history of the Banff Distillery. Built in 1824, Banff established itself in the Highlands until a fire completely destroyed all but the maltings and – thankfully- the warehouses.

This was the merely the first in a series of calamities. These culminated in a fateful bombing raid during the Second World War when a fully-laden German Junkers Ju-88 bomber bombed the site. The result of this fateful flight was a series of explosions, igniting hundreds of highly flammable casks of whisky. Many of the casks not permanently sent to the angels leaked and, legend has it, caused the drunkenness of local farm animals.

The Banff Distillery closed in 1983. As with a number of distilleries that met the same fate in the 80s, Banff has left a legacy: a few remaining casks filled with a whisky with deep rich flavour and long lingering spice notes.

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Tasting Notes

: Fragrant festive spices intertwine with clove-studded orange and Demerara sugar. Subtle toffee notes give way to prunes and baked apple.

Palate : Rich stewed red fruit flavors complement cinnamon and ginger with a hint of black pepper. Toasted hazelnuts develop alongside marzipan and mature oak.

Finish : Medium-bodied with lingering citrus and nuts.

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