STRATHISLA 2002 AGED 20 ARTIST #12 Legendary Distilleries


Strathisla is often presented as the “home of Chivas”. Indeed, it is rare in the world of whisky for the history of one distillery to be so closely linked to that of a blended Scotch, so much so that the two could almost be confused. Although produced in very limited quantities, this single malt is extremely well-renowned amongst informed enthusiasts. This particularly rich and complex version makes no hesitation in exploring unusual rustic and herbaceous lands to better highlight the original and delicate character of its flavour and aroma palette.

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deep gold.

Nose: full, developed. The very beautifully fruity (pear, lemon) and spicy (white pepper, nutmeg) first nose gradually reveals superb aromas of liquorice and vanilla. Allowed to breathe, honey notes (acacia, lime blossom, lavender), a hint of camphor and pine resin form a harmonious and deep ensemble. Oily (green olive), vanilla and characterised by citrus fruits (grapefruit, kaffir lime), the aroma palette is flooded with fragrances of white mint and verbena.

Palate: rich yet creamy. The deliciously vanilla attack (milk tart) also reveals abundant nuts (almond, walnut, hazelnut, chestnut). The tenderly herbaceous mid-palate (basil, sage, sorrel) invites us to pick fruits from an orchard (pear, apple, peach, Mirabelle plum). Later, the end of the palate takes on a deliciously rich dimension (pear tart, vanilla flan, peach Melba).

Finish: long, well-balanced. On the finish, ointment notes and herbaceous (watercress, lamb’s lettuce) and vegetable garden (courgette flower) flavours bring lots of consistency. Lingering on, the end of the finish is mentholated and delicately floral (lilac, carnation, lily of the valley). Tea and lime flavours then fragrance a very finely ashy (tobacco) and woody (eucalyptus) retro-nasal olfaction. The empty glass is intensely malty, mentholated and syrupy (barley sugar, liquorice stick).

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