LONG POND 3 ans 2019 STCE


After closing from 2012 to 2017 for renovation, the Long Pond distillery was almost destroyed in a fire that ravaged much of its equipment in 2018. Luckily, however, the flames spared its famous John Dore stills and no less legendary Blair column stills. Continually putting the heart of the run into play, this version enthusiastically and, with youthful abandon, expresses the deeply mineral, empyreumatic and medicinal character for which this magnificent ester-rich rum is so well-known.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Topaz.

Nose : Rich, heady. The incredible first nose is empyreumatic (apricot kernel, turpentine, diesel), exotic (persimmon, mango, guava), oxidative (balsamic vinegar, macerated fruit) and syrupy (hot cane sugar). Allowed to breathe, fragrances of vetiver, lavender honey, lime and jasmine give an idea of the breadth and complexity of the aroma palette.

Palate : Taut, lively. On the attack, notes of petrol and very ripe mango appear alongside chocolatey and spicy (ylang ylang, clove, saffron) flavours. On the mid-palate, roasted pineapple and plantain banana juicily and smoothly enrich the flavour palette’s exotic register. The even fruitier end of the palate reveals notes of peach, pear, kaffir lime and coconut.

Finish : Long, concentrated. The powdery finish (cocoa, rice pudding, grated ginger) is remarkably soft. The slender end of the finish gives its own take on the exotic register of the nose and palate. On the retro-nasal olfaction, a vanilla, spicy (cinnamon, ginger) and herbaceous (sugar cane) cane sugar spreads across the palate. The empty glass is in turn medicinal (elastoplast), camphoric and mellow (artichoke heart).

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