SAVANNA 9 ans 2010 Agricole ex-cognac ex-armagnac Unshared cask French Connections


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Renowned in particular for its “grand arôme” traditional rums produced from a very long fermentation (15 days), the Bois-Rouge distillery also produces a superb rhum agricole that frequently wins awards at international competitions. As is the case with this version aged in a Cognac cask before being finished in a cask previously containing an Armagnac. First, in terms of aromas, it shows us Savanna in a classic, exuberant and delicate light. Then, its very inspired flavour palette gives free rein to the naturally voluble and generous character of this magnificent rum produced in the north-east of Reunion Island, not far from Grande Rivière.
Profile: the intense first nose is floral (vetiver), fruity (orange), vanilla and honeyed (sugar cane). Allowed to breathe, spices (nutmeg, ginger) and chilli appear alongside tangy notes of lime and William’s pear. Notes of honeysuckle and hyacinth. Firm yet creamy, the attack is intensely Savanna. The mid-palate reveals artichoke heart, strong spices (ylang-ylang), orange blossom and exotic fruits (mango, guava). With rare luxury, the start of the finish is medicinal (tiger balm) and floral (lavender). The retro-nasal olfaction is chocolatey, spicy (grated ginger) and liquorice.

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Appearance : burnished gold with copper tinges.
Nose : rich, intense. The very expressive first nose reveals sublime aromas of vetiver, pressed orange, vanilla, florals and sugar cane honey. Allowed to breathe, spices (nutmeg, ginger) and chillies feed a deliciously tangy sequence (lime, William’s pear, sugarcane juice). Extremely refined, it gradually becomes increasingly heady (honeysuckle, hyacinth), as vanilla takes on chocolatey dimensions. Innocently, sugar cane hovers over the aromatic palette.
Palate : firm yet creamy. The particularly exuberant attack brands “Savanna” onto the frontispiece of the flavour palette. Artichoke heart, a pinch of salt, a few strong spices (ylang-ylang, nutmeg, saffron), orange blossom, freesia and other geraniums, citrus fruit (orange) and exotic fruits (mango, guava) are all found on the particularly well-developed mid-palate. Outstanding. At the end of the palate, cane sugar gently spreads across the sides of the palate.
Overall : long, rich. Continuing on perfectly from the palate, the start of the finish is a rare delight. Little by little, the Savanna’s medicinal (tiger balm, mustard poultice) and floral (lavender, iris, reseda) character sets in. On the retro-nasal olfaction, cocoa bean, grated ginger, candied apricot and a sophisticated liquorice tactfully punctuate the tasting. The empty glass is undeniably floral (carnation, lily, tuberose), herbaceous (white mint), chocolate, floral (hibiscus) and spicy (cinnamon).

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