CHICHIBU 6 ans 2015 Bourbon Barrel 2nd fill Cask #4660 Antipodes


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While the Chichibu 2014 (cask 3812) in our Antipodes creation catalogue introduces us to an evanescent peat, this heavily peated version — also produced with Concerto barley — immediately plunges us into an intensely earthy, medicinal, marine and malty universe. And yet, the incredibly mature palette of flavours and aromas also reveals numerous fruity, herbaceous, floral and honeyed sequences that not only bring lots of depth but also continually raise the level of the tasting.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Bright gold.

Nose : Refined, complex. The extremely deep first nose is deliciously medicinal, camphoric, smoky and malty. The scene is set. Allowed to breathe, fragrances of peppermint, green almond and cut hay bring lots of sophistication to the aroma palette. Notes of mimosa and new aromatic plants (savoury, oregano) then gradually take hold.

Palate : Clear, slender. The delicately fruity and juicy (apple, pear) attack is also deliciously honeyed (acacia). A very refined peat with chocolate and salty tones then gradually gains the upper hand. On the mid-palate, this becomes more herbaceous and mentholated. The end of the palate invites us to enjoy a delicious agave liqueur and a refreshing herbal tea.

Finish : Long, subtle. The lemony and floral (iris, lily) start of the finish is also delicately liquoricey and milky (rice cake, frozen yoghurt). At the same time, ripe pears release their juice across the sides of the palate. The bright end of the finish is like a barley field swept with a sea breeze. Rising higher, the retro-nasal olfaction offers a view of a foaming sea. The deeply malty empty glass recreates the soft and yet grainy texture of artichoke heart.

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