BRUICHLADDICH 17 ans 2004 Wine Cask Rest & Be Thankful


This singular cask bearing the imprimatur of Rest & Be Thankful (Fox Fitzgerald Brands) hails from the renowned Bruichladdich distillery nestled on the Isle of Islay in Scotland. A truly exquisite whisky, distilled on the 1st of December, 2004, and thereafter matured for a span of 17 years within the confines of an expanse once cradling wine. Its bottling, unerringly bereft of any infusion of pigments, refrains from frigid filtration and remains untempered in its primal state, drawn straight from the cask.

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Tasting Notes

: Assertive and redolent with spice. Evocations of the time-imbued rancio, nuanced with hints of tobacco and the essence of well-polished leather, grace the senses.

Palate : An opulent potency coalesces with a beguiling silkiness. Grilled meats, enhanced by the delicate crunch of fleur de sel, interplay harmoniously with the succulence of red fruits, conjuring a tapestry of sumptuousness.

Finish : The denouement lingers, a protracted epilogue. Noble woods lend their stately presence, while notes of sandalwood and a gentle dusting of nutmeg intermingle, bestowing an enduring sense of refinement.

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