KILCHOMAN Cof. 2x20cl Machir Bay&Sanaig


Discover the universe of the brand?
Explore successively through this 2x20cl box the influence of bourbon casks on the peat of Machir Bay then the pronounced aromatic imprint of the Oloroso sherry casks of Sanaig. An ideal format to discover or rediscover the two key expressions of Kilchoman!
Style: peaty, smoky, elegant and fruity.

Iconic version of Kilchoman, Machir Bay, before being a whiskey, is the name of a picturesque beach just a few steps from the distillery on the island of Islay. This single malt is a blend of whiskeys aged 80% in ex-first fill bourbon casks and 20% in Oloroso sherry casks.
Style: Smoky and elegant.

2nd permanent reference of the Kilchoman farm-distillery, Sanaig has become, like its cousin the Machir Bay, a flagship product, which will delight the most curious. This whiskey illustrates the very controlled meeting of an aging carried out 70% in Sherry Oloroso casks and 30% in bourbon casks. From this marriage results an intense peat, sublimated by the roundness brought by aging.
Style: Peaty and fruity.

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Nose : Heady, unctuous. The dominant rye takes us directly to the fermentation tank. With disconcerting ease, the rye took over. Then, spices (star anise, nutmeg) arrive shortly before dried fruits (almonds, peanuts).

Palate : Powerful, square. Captivating flavor of orange blossom. Its tannins are present. They coat the palate with a thin layer of mixed chocolate and vanilla. Returns to groundnuts (peanuts) and dried fruits (cashews).

Overall : Long, firm. Artichoke heart and celery for the vegetable part, star anise, cumin for the spices, black cherries for the fruit. This explosive cocktail works wonderfully and has the merit of taking us to new horizons.

Heavily Peated

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