CAOL ILA 7 ans 2013 COLLECTIVE 4.0


Islay Single Malt, 57,2%, 70cl — Small Batch of 2 casks, Wine Cask
Limited edition of 599 bottles — LMDW Exclusive

Far more peaty, animal, medicinal and intensely smoky than usual, this version transcends – without distorting – the typical style of the single malt produced by Islay’s largest distillery. Not to be outdone and in the interests of harmony, the other ingredients found in its palette of flavours and aromas have also upped their game. Malted barley pours whole grains onto the palate as the fruity register gradually becomes increasingly exotic. The mezcal tones are another highlight of the tasting.

Deep gold

Rich, deep. On the first nose, notes of ash and tobacco literally surge from the glass. Next, sleet, creosote and burnt peat invade the olfactory senses. Allowed to breathe, lime and green barley weave in and out until they reach the surface of the aromatic palette. Very marine (seaweed, cod-liver oil) and medicinal (mustard, ointment), it opens up into other citrus fruit (grapefruit, lemon). Gradually, aromas of smoked fish and meat flood the air.

Lively and oily, the attack creates an intensely vivid sensation of biting into smoked malted barley grains. Outstanding. On the mid-palate, acacia honey creates the perfect link with the profoundly medicinal (iodine tincture, mustard poultice) character of the end of the palate. In the after-taste, ripe fruits (apple, pea) and aromatic plants (sage, verbena) alternate to great effect.

Long, balanced. Traversed by thick plumes of smoke, with its notes of agave, terracotta, salt and lemon, the start of the finish brings to mind a grand mezcal. The malted barley is still just as present. The after-taste brings a hint of exoticism (pineapple, kaffir lime) that is more than a little expressive. Both full of body and extremely refreshing (chlorophyll, spearmint). The very rich retro-nasal olfaction reveals Corinthian raison, prune and black liquorice. The empty glass is animal, with smoked meat (stable, grilled meat), and floral (sorrel, daisy, hyacinth) notes.

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Like the artist collectives that create a hive of exchange, inspiration and design, our Artist Collective range is dedicated to creativity and diversity.

It features all regions and all styles of Scottish single malt, as well as all types of maturation and bottling strengths.

To illustrate the labels of this fourth Artist Collective collection, a design competition on the theme of trompe l’oeil was launched amongst students of French design schools.

The six selected artworks echo the richness of the single malts of the range and the universe to which they are linked.

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