ARHUMATIC Mélange d’herbes aromatiques (Aqua Aromatica)


Demanding and passionate professionals of fruits and vegetables for over 10 years, Clémence and Thierry Ogez have honed their knowledge of high-quality fresh fruits. Initially personal rum arrangers, they have become true “master assemblers.” The agricultural rum from Guadeloupe used for the macerations is specially chosen to allow the best of the fresh fruits and plants to express themselves. The result is a sweet and balanced drink with a relatively low alcohol content, around 29°.

Beyond the multiple flavors that plants and aromatic herbs bring us, they have always been used for their medicinal properties. This maceration holds many gustatory surprises and allows us to feel good while indulging ourselves.

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: Powerful notes combining anise, licorice, and rosemary. The other plants require more attention during tasting in order to appreciate this savory mix. Each plant has its role in this complex maceration.

Palate : A perfect balance for this mixture of plants. A lot of aniseed flavors, licorice, rosemary, slightly lemony at the end of the mouth, this maceration is tempered by the subtle flavor of saffron.

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