MIDLETON Very Rare Release 2023


In 1984, the Irish master distiller Barry Crockett had the idea of creating an exceptional whiskey by selecting and blending the best casks from the Midleton distillery. Since then, every year, a new rare and vintage blend called Very Rare is born. The quintessence of Irish whiskey, each bottle of this 2023 edition has been numbered and manually signed by the master distiller Kevin O’Gorman. With complexity and delicacy that are still astonishing, this 40th vintage is yet another masterful success. Bottle sold in a wooden case – very limited quantity.

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Tasting Notes

: Complex and aromatic. The nose opens with a complex blend of fruits, nectarines, ripe melon, green apple, and apricot. Spices also make an appearance with freshly peeled ginger and crushed peppercorns that accompany more floral notes of dried flowers. Barrel notes take over finally, adding hints of vanilla, honey, and freshly roasted coffee beans.

Palate : Seductive and round. Fresh fruits and a vegetal note reminiscent of chamomile start the experience. Then, spices unique to Pot Still distillation add depth, assisted by barrel notes, particularly of charred oak, which continue to develop before culminating in prevalent fruitiness, notes of candied orange, and dried apricots.

Finish : Spicy and fruity. The fruits and spices keep gaining strength before making way for the final touch of oak tannins.

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