LEDAIG 23 ans 1998 Black Series Conquête D.Laing


Of an incredible complexity, richness and freshness, this version undoubtedly evokes the very great Ledaig distilled in the early seventies. With absolute freedom of tone, its aromatic and gustatory palette notably reveals a peat that displays a multitude of nuances, each more beautiful than the other. To this, we must add the minerality and medicinal character that suits this single malt from the island of Mull so well.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Old copper gold.

Nose : Rich, creamy. With an incredible freshness, the first nose is both peaty, malty, smoky, ashy, herbaceous, iodine (tincture), chocolatey, fruity (orange, quince) and finely caramelized. With aeration, scents of incense, sandalwood and linden honey give it a lot of class and brightness. Of great beauty, the aromatic palette is airy, while showing incredible presence. Exceptional.

Palate : Both lively and gourmet. In the mouth, a dry and iodine peat, which gradually becomes more oily and fatty, impregnates notes of imperial mandarin, fresh nuts and dark chocolate. Marked by flavors of burning Havana, the mid-palate reveals numerous citrus fruits (orange, combava, mandarin, kumquat). The aftertaste is saturated with intense smoke (soot, ashes).

Finish : Long, refined. Frankly medicinal (sinapism, tiger balm), spicy (clove, star anise) and peppery (Espelette), the start of the finish oscillates in an original way between notes of pumpkin, rose jam and red fruits (pomegranate, raspberry). Magnificent. Then, licorice stick, heather honey and fresh coriander feed a accomplished finish. In retro-olfaction, the peat crumbles and fades to make way for aromatic plants (verbena, sage) and notes of straw and wildflowers (dandelion). The empty glass is mineral, very peaty, ashy and camphoraceous.

Profile : Rich, powerful.

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