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Founded in 1971, the Inchgower distillery was closed between 1903 and 1930. In 1936, it doubled its production capacity, moving from two to four stills with very curved lyne arms designed to reduce alcohol reflux as far as possible. The heart of the run contains a high percentage of tail spirit that creates a powerful and spicy single malt. With herbaceous, lemony, honeyed, rustic and even salty tones, and keen to fully satisfy its need for hegemony, the malted barley has no qualms in exploring every nook and cranny of this young – and extremely fruity and spicy – bottling’s palette of flavours and aromas.

Profile: the lively initial nose wavers between cut grass, green walnut and malted barley. Allowed to breathe, it becomes lemony and honeyed. The elegant attack on the palate is fruity (pear) and vanilla. Malted barley quickly takes centre stage in the flavour palette. The mid-palate is spicy (star anise, nutmeg) and tangy (orange, grapefruit). The salty finish is also roasted (coffee) and medicinal (ointment). Exclusive to LMDW.

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Appearance : pale gold.

Nose : lively, neat. On the initial nose, notes of yeast, freshly cut grass, green walnut and mustard seed surround the malted barley. Allowed to breathe, it is embellished with lemon and honey (acacia) tones. Next, praline and chocolate gradually produce a very unctuous and fruity (green apple, Williams pear) sensation.

Palate : elegant, precise. Wavering between ripe fruits (pear, apple) and bourbon vanilla, the attack is extremely precise. Nonetheless, malted barley quickly takes centre stage in the flavour palette. Lots of spices (star anise, nutmeg, clove, ginger) release their powerful flavours in a mid-palate marked particularly by citrus fruit (orange, grapefruit). At the end of the palate, dried fruits (almond, date, hazelnut) appear alongside notes of toast.

Overall : long, balanced. Not completely devoid of saltiness, the start of the finish is also roasted (coffee, tobacco). White mint then bring lots of freshness and energy. It becomes increasingly medicinal (ointment, mustard poultice) and liquoricey. The retronasal olfaction is very rich (vanilla flan) and very fruity (juicy Williams pear), also evoking a field of barley swept by a strong sea breeze. The empty glass has wonderful malty finesse.

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