GHANA 2 ans 2020 Virgin Oak Antipodes The Nectar


Produced from fresh cane juice and a long fermentation, this rum from Ghana was distilled in pot stills and aged in a new oak cask. Its amazingly natural flavour and aroma palette has more than a little in common with a Haitian Clairin. Very expressive, it continually rises higher to show us the breadth of its particularly complex nose and palate while keeping intact a remarkably fresh expression.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Deep gold.

Nose : Fresh yet heady. The first nose is a complex combination of vanilla, lime, fresh cane juice, cane sugar, green banana and pineapple. Increasingly fine, once allowed to breathe, it becomes floral, honeyed (jasmine, acacia) and lemony. Gradually, enchanting fragrances of cane flower, vetiver and lily soar above the aroma palette.

Palate : Heady and creamy. Traversed by a herbaceous (moss, lichen) and liquorice path, the attack wavers between milky (cane juice) and fruity (pineapple, banana, Mirabelle plum) notes. Lingering on, the mid-palate is refreshed with notes of coconut milk, vanilla and agave honey. The slightly tannic end of the palate (new oak) is then medicinal (ointment) and spicy (clove, ginger).

Finish : Long, well-balanced. Closely linked to the end of the palate, the start of the finish wavers between flavours of white mint, white chocolate, green liquorice and vanilla. The springlike end of the palate (dandelion, daffodil, buttercup) precedes a retro-nasal olfaction that returns with more intensity to the exotic fruits from the nose and palate (pineapple, banana). The concentrated empty glass notably focuses on a superbly integrated wood.

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