Del Professore Madame is a unique gin for which only the Jerry Thomas Project has the secret recipe. It is composed entirely of berries picked in Italy. The 16 botanicals used are cold-infused in a juniper distillate with herbs and spices. It undergoes a final filtration that is gentle so as to maintain the maximum aromas. In order to create a unique product, the recipe is changed slightly for every new batch. Each batch produces less than 3,000 bottles.

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Located in the heart of Rome, the Jerry Thomas Project is a bar which is also responsible for the Madame expression of the Del Professore gin. Both expressions, Monsieur and Madame, are the reproduction of a style of gin that is no longer seen: Bathtub gin. The term first appeared between the 1920s and 1930s during American prohibition. It was used to refer particularly to artisanal gins produced illegally in homes, distilleries and speakeasies. Two 100% authentic expressions that will send you on a journey through time back to the prohibition era. Your new cocktail allies.

Style: Round.
Nose: Spicy (cinnamon). Citrus fruits (lemon). Orange.
Palate: Herbaceous. Menthol. Juniper.
Finish: Vanilla.

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