CLARENDON 18 ans 2004 Rum Sponge New Vibrations D.D.


Founded in 1949, the Clarendon distillery is equipped with a 20,000-liter Vendôme pot still and an Indian pot still named “Calendria-i” with a capacity of 25,000 liters, from which they produce rums with ester levels ranging between 600 and 1,500 grams per hectoliter of pure alcohol. Aged for fourteen years in the tropical climate of Jamaica, this version continued its maturation for an additional four years under a continental climate. Incredibly complex and impactful, its aromatic and gustatory palette has achieved a level of maturity in expression that surpasses any superlative.

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Tasting Notes

: Coppery orange.

Nose : Rich, profound. Extremely complex, the aromatic palette reveals notes of dried apricot, varnish, wax, bandage, mustard seed, licorice, dark chocolate, cardamom, honeysuckle, freesia, iris, roasted mango, melon, roasted nuts, quince, pipe tobacco, patchouli…

Palate : Both lively and slender. Pyrotechnic (fuel, incense), milky (coconut), liqueur-like (raisins), floral (geranium, hyacinth), the mouthfeel gradually gets covered by a fine layer of salted butter caramel. Medicinal (mustard plaster, arnica), the mid-palate is oxidative (brandy-soaked cherries, candied ginger).

Finish : Long, heady. Intimately linked to the palate, the start of the finish evokes the lushness of a tropical landscape. Flavors of decomposing damp wood and chocolatey Havana in combustion permeate a contemplative and mystical aftertaste (incense, candle).

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