WEST WINDS GIN The Broadside


The boldest of the West Winds fleet, The Broadside is a Navy Strength Gin with (58% ABV), made to honour the most brazen, aggressive and fearless of naval war tactics where warships released a close-range barrage of firepower from every gun along one side of the hull. This Navy Strength Gin is as bold as this manoeuvre.

Its intensity of flavour comes from the delicious Sea Parsley seasoned with Margaret River Sea Salt. The Broadside Gin was likely the first spirit in the world to incorporate filtered seawater. The Broadside’s higher alcohol percentage amplifies the aroma of the botanicals and is a perfect example of what high proof spirits can offer.


The Broadside is our nod to Navy Strength Gin throughout history. The world’s first salty gin, The Broadside was tailored to create a herbaceous yet potent flavour for only the heartiest of constitutions.

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