The Japanese Bitters Umami 27%


After many years in the spirits industry founder and producer, Yuki Yamazaki, developed his vision to create his own brand of high-quality 100% Japanese bitters.
During the time of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, the Japanese Embassy in Toronto held a charity event, which Yamazaki offered cocktails using various Japanese ingredients which were a hit with local media and bar community. At that moment, he started planning the production of cocktail bitters using Japanese ingredients.
In 2015, after travelling to Dutch Schiedam in the Netherlands, Yamazaki adapted alcohol production at the Herman Jansen distillery, which has a 250 year history.
After returning to Japan with the knowledge and experience that he gained globally, Yamazaki spent 2 years perfecting his Shiso, Yuzu and Umami bitters. Along with the production, with the courteous support from the Honbo Distillery, Yamazaki has successfully received his own domestic brewing license.

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VOLUME 100ml

INGREDIENTS Alcohol, Water, Kelp, Shiitake, Dried Bonito and Yuzu


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