Rey Campero only produces 100% artisanal mezcals made from wild agaves. Each bottle of Rey Campero guarantees high quality and the best flavors and aromas from over six agaves from the region of Oaxaca: the traditional Espadin and the wildest varieties Cuishe, Mexicano, Arroqueno, Madre-Cuishe, Tepextate and Jabali. “Rey del Campo,” as some call it, is a unique mezcal!

The Sanchez distillery is a small family business established for over 150 years in Candelaria Yegolé, a village in the state of Oaxaca. For four generations, the Sanchez maestro mezcaleros have passed down the tradition of producing exceptional quality artisanal mezcals from father to son. The Cuishe agave is a wild agave that grows in the southern regions of the central valleys of Oaxaca, on rocky terrain and in hot and dry temperatures. The result is mineral and sweet flavors.

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: Characterized by its intense and complex aroma, with notes of smoke, earth, and hints of wildflowers.

Palate : Smooth and rich, with flavors of cooked agave, herbs, and a touch of spice. There is also a distinct minerality that comes through, along with a light sweetness.

Finish : Long and memorable, with a subtle smokiness that lingers on the tongue. There are also hints of dried fruit, chocolate, and a touch of spice that adds depth and complexity to the experience. The overall finish is clean, smooth, and well-balanced, making REY CAMPERO Cuishe a truly unique and enjoyable mezcal.

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