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This thirty-year-old, in the prime of its age, surprises with its exuberant fruitiness. Karuizawa is revealed in an unusual light, more lively and spontaneous. Each fruit, kiwi, lychee, and juicy tangerine, brings other notes to the forefront. Here, flowers; there, herbs; a little further, spices. What is remarkable is that it seems to happen naturally.

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Tasting Notes

: Generous, deep. Initially floral (lilac, lily) and subtly woody (cedar). It evolves into citrus (blood oranges), emery cloth, and aromatic plants (sage, verbena). Spices are in the background (curry, cinnamon), as well as cherry eau-de-vie.

Palate : Firm, tense. Very peppery, it softens with notes of gingerbread, green tea, and lime blossom honey. Warmth in the mid-palate reveals notes of ashes reminiscent of a burning Havana cigar. Some forest fruits (strawberry, blueberry) provide creaminess and juice towards the finish.

Finish : Long, lively. Initially, it showcases malted barley. It extends with notes of rice powder and cocoa bean. Bourbon provides the foundation for a particularly fruity retro-olfaction (apricot). The empty glass is marked by toasted oak.

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