CHICHIBU Paris Edition 2019


A blend of seven casks aged for over 6 years – a hogshead with a Japanese oak head (Mizunara) and six bourbon barrels – Chichibu Paris Edition 2019 reveals unwavering depth and serenity. With lots of confidence, it has many arguments to win over even the most demanding enthusiasts. The exoticism of the fruit, the enchanting character of the floral sequences and the nobility of the spicy register are just some of the highlights that provide spirit and pace to the tasting. These are accompanied by a very delicate flirtation with peat guaranteed to inspire genuine passion.
the full-bodied initial nose is dominated by a single fruit: banana. It is placed on a bed of straw. Gradually, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg) appear. It then becomes medicinal (ointment) and floral (elderberry). The rich attack is not only fruity but also rooted in the soil (damp earth). With a pleasant herbaceous freshness (coriander), the finish is characterized by sublime fragrances of lime blossom.
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Appearance : deep golden yellow.

Nose : full-bodied, unctuous. On the first nose, one fruit dominates the aromatic palette: banana. Wonderfully ripe, it is placed on a bed of straw. Gradually, spices slip into the cracks, with cinnamon, nutmeg, liquorice and black pepper. Notes of camphor and tiger balm then add a very lively medicinal dimension. At the same time, the fruity register is enriched with new exotic fruits (pineapple, mango), whilst the fragrances of elderberry flower fill the air.

Palate : rich, taut. With authority, the attack highlights not only a fruit of rare intensity (apple, chasselas grape, William’s pear) but also a profoundly earthy character (damp soil, root ginger). With a very pleasant saltiness, the mid-palate is wonderfully filled with sweet pastry notes (vanilla flan, walnut cake). The end of the palate is then chocolatey, floral (daffodil, dandelion), mentholated and roasted (tobacco, coffee). Magnificent.

Overall : long, very peaceful. With lots of cappuccino, the start of the finish is also refreshingly herbaceous (coriander, dill). Slightly aniseedy, it develops a more vegetal register (liquorice stick, aniseed, ivy). Then, with perfect timing, delicious fragrances of lime blossom further raise the level of the tasting. On the retro-nasal olfaction, we enjoy courgette flower fritters, a vanilla ?clair and fresh figs. The empty glass is spicy (curry, star anise, clove), vanilla and herbaceous (lichen, spearmint, sage).

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