NEISSON 2019 Straight from the Barrel fût n°410 Mainmain New Vibrations


Distilled on July 12, 2019, this version aged in the ‘MainMain’ cellar, which maintains an average humidity level of 77% and an average temperature of 27.7°C. Evolving through three distinct stages, the tasting begins, aromatically, under intensely floral and fruity auspices. Then, on the palate, sugarcane distinctly takes the forefront. Finally, the finish leads us to wooded, honeyed, and tertiary realms as suave as they are radiant.

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Tasting Notes

: Old gold.

Nose : Fine, fresh. Subtle notes of heady flowers (freesia, rose) mingle with exotic fruity scents (passion fruit, lychee). Upon aeration, the register becomes more liqueur-like (sugarcane flower, lavender honey), while scents of ripe apple evoke a Calvados from Pays d’Auge.

Palate : Elegant, dynamic. At the palate’s entry, sugarcane is omnipresent. Then, gradually, sugarcane sugar spreads around the entire palate. Deliciously vanilla (custard), the mid-palate also reveals verdant (succulent plant) and balsamic (pine, cedar) notes.

Finish : Long, serene. Spicy (ginger, cinnamon), the start of the finish is resplendent with maturity. Dried fruits (fig, date), almond milk, and acacia honey are soon covered by a fine layer of licorice.




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