BUNNAHABHAIN 1979 Aged 40 Years 9th Edition ARTIST Signatory Vintage


Islay Single Malt – 46.7%, 70cl
Single Cask #6508 – Refill Sherry Butt
Limited Edition of 306 bottles – LMDW Exclusive
Bunnahabhain is without a doubt one of Islay’s best-kept secrets. Might its relative lack of renown be due to the fact that, until 1997, it produced a single malt which, unlike the island’s other malts, was unpeated? Almost definitely! Nevertheless, many bottlings from the 60s and 70s received a laudatory reception from some of the most demanding whisky enthusiasts. Following proudly in the footsteps of its predecessors, this bottling is no exception to the rule. With an incredibly youthful spirit and yet radiant serenity, it reaches its climax in a resplendent finish that concentrates all of the flavours and aromas of its aromatic and gustatory palette. Outstanding.

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Colour: burnished gold with glints of topaz.

Nose: refined, complex. Exotic fruits (passion fruit, mango, pineapple), a pinch of curry, nuts (walnut, hazelnut), other spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom), dark chocolate, coffee and beeswax follow one after the other in an incredibly subtle first olfactory sequence. Allowed to breathe, the sequence moves into more stewed flavours (apple), whilst citrus fruit (mandarin, orange) brings a refined acidic note.

Palate: clean, lively. The very lively attack literally breaks through the aromatic palette. Liquorice stick, cinnamon and cocoa create a slender and powdery trio of flavours. Outstanding! On the mid-palate, tonka beans appear alongside a delicate malty and herbaceous (fern, sage) bitterness. Fruits then come back in force, with banana, William’s pear, pippin apple, Mirabelle plum and quince… The heady end of the palate is characterized by notes of hawthorn, carnation and dahlia.

Finish: long, full of serenity. All the aromas and flavours experienced so far mix together to create a rustic, spring landscape. Bit by bit, malted barley grains, rosemary, kiwi and clove bring lots of tone to the very end of the palate. The very herbal (bergamot tea) retro- nasal olfaction is extremely refreshing. The empty glass is slightly peaty, vegetal (tobacco) and balsamic (pine, cedar).

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