ARMORIK 6 ans 2014 Armorik Porto Finish French Connections


Aged from May 2014 to July 2016 in a cask that previously held bourbon, this Armorik then continued its maturation in a cask that previously held port until June 2020. More than just a simple finishing, the double maturation process has allowed it to acquire not only a balance but also an extraordinary harmony.

It has also greatly contributed to bringing a lot of cohesion between the different stages of tasting. If only one highlight were to be mentioned that provides a lot of rhythm to the aromatic and gustatory palette, it would undoubtedly be a crescendo that builds with extreme gentleness.

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Tasting Notes

: Deep gold.

Nose : Fine, creamy. Superbly malty, the initial nose is also very fruity (ripe apple, candied pear) and pastry-like (cake, far breton). Upon aeration, very fine woody notes lend it a great deal of noble expression. Becoming increasingly heady, it extends into aromas of salted butter caramel, candied lemons, white mint, and spices (ginger, cumin). With much delicacy, the aromatic palette becomes delightfully honeyed (acacia) and exotic (coconut) over time.

Palate : Rich, concentrated. Upon entry, very lovely vegetal (cut hay) and herbaceous (tobacco, peppermint) flavors are gradually enveloped by a fine chocolaty and licorice layer. Then, mid-palate, the spices become more pronounced (clove, nutmeg). Bourbon vanilla and raisins provide a lot of creaminess at the end of the palate. It is worth noting that it also draws closer to malted barley. Finally, as with the nose, acacia honey coats the taste buds.

Finish : Long, indulgent. In perfect continuity with the palate, the start of the finish is floral (lily, iris), infused (sage, verbena), and roasted (coffee, mocha). Notes of toffee and tobacco then form a particularly harmonious duo. On the retro-olfaction, scents of undergrowth (mushrooms, moss, lichen) and candied ginger highlight the very mature character of the final palate. The empty glass is undeniably medicinal (balm, mustard plaster), malty, and praline-like.

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