ARMORIK 12 ans 2009 Sherry Single Cask Conquête


Very concentrated and very sappy, the aromatic and taste palette of this Armorik aged in sherry casks is resplendent with maturity. Alternately greedy, fruity, honeyed, candied, spicy, floral and powdery, it even turns out to be surreptitiously animal. Proudly claiming her Breton origins, she naturally adores long-distance trips, such as the one she undertakes in the region of Jerez de la Frontera.

Profile : Rich, smooth. Black fruits, lime, coffee.

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: topaz with green reflections.

Nose : Rich, smooth. On the first nose, scents of gingerbread, toasted walnuts and black liquorice symbolize with rare acuity the aging in sherry casks. When aired, dehydrated grapes and black fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant, elderberry) accentuate this lively evocation. Over time, lime blossom honey, mangoes and candied oranges are deposited on aromas of earth and undergrowth (humus, lichen).

Palate : dynamic, slender. Oscillating between flavors of juniper berry, coriander, black pepper, chocolate, verbena and candied fruits (pear, lemon), the start of the finish is luminous and radiant. Vanilla, roasted (pipe tobacco), slightly spicy (paprika) and spicy (star anise, cloves), the mid-palate also reveals notes of plantain and toffee. The aftertaste is powdery (rice, cocoa) and infused (chamomile, chouchen).

Overall : long, full of sap. At the start of the finish, nutmeg, grated ginger, celery and caramel highlight the meaty accents (smoked bacon) that were buried in memory. Superb. Then, the final takes up its pilgrim’s baton, direction Andalusia and its fields of palomino and Pedro Ximenez. In retro-olfaction, aromas of tobacco, coffee and chicory play the leading roles. Not having moved an iota, the empty glass reflects the complexity of the first nose.

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