ARMORIK 6 ans 2011 Chène Neuf LMDW Cellar Book


At every stage of the tasting, this new oak bottling impresses with its perfectly integrated wood. Various strengths of sometimes even sweet spice, vanilla and the toasted notes intrinsic to new oak thus appear together in perfect harmony with the fresh and jammy fruit, citrus fruit and heady florals of the new spirit. This teamwork is an undeniable success and takes Armorik to aromatic lands that no other single malt has explored.

Profile: the complex initial nose is also very spicy, vanilla and delicately woody. Allowed to breathe, it becomes fruity (pear), floral and mentholated. The distinguished palate reproduces the fruity and vanilla notes of the nose. Stronger spices take hold of the palate, along with notes of malted barley and chocolate. The velvety finish pays testament to the high quality of its noble wood.

Single Cask no. – New oak
Limited edition of 550 bottles
Exclusive to LMDW

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Appearance : burnished gold.
Nose : refined, complex. The particularly aromatic initial nose wavers between spice (clove, nutmeg) and vanilla, with a background of woody and toasty notes. Allowed to breathe, it becomes increasingly fruity (pear, apple), floral (white lilac) and mentholated. Next, sweeter spices (cinnamon, cardamom) accompany toffee and cashew nuts. A remarkably well-balanced nose overall.
Palate : elegant, distinguished. The same fresh fruit and vanilla give the opening of the palate lots of juice and sweetness. Then, very quickly, stronger spices (pepper, star anise) take hold. This livens up the palette of flavours, which then develops a more malty and chocolate register (cocoa beans, praline).
Overall : serene, balanced. A handful of citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit) bring acidity to the now roasted (coffee) and rooty (ginger) finish. The velvety mouthfeel pays testament to the high quality of its noble wood. The retro-nasal olfaction is slightly honeyed (acacia) and fruity (apple jelly). The empty glass is spicy (saffron, cumin) and floral (geranium, carnation).

AWARDS = Best French single cask, World Whiskies Awards 2018

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