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Mark Reynier, the former joint owner of Bruichladdich, founded the Waterford distillery in 2015. Committed to promoting the concept of terroir above all, he works closely with some hundred Irish farmers. In 2016, he produced the first organic Irish whisky and more recently, like the greatest wine- growers, he decided to distil a whisky from grains grown using biodynamics. Produced from organic barley sourced from six farms, this version is a blend of first-fill bourbon casks (42%), American new oak casks (17%), French oak casks (23%) and casks that have previously contained a fortified wine (18%). Saying that malted barley is at the heart of the tasting is a euphemism. Whether dominating or more withdrawn, it is ever-present, even taking on rustic tones that particularly highlight the work of those responsible for its creation.

Profile: the distinguished first nose is beautifully vanilla, herbaceous (verbena, sage), milky (coconut) and lemony. Allowed to breathe, ripe fruit (pear, Mirabelle plum), spearmint and beeswax bring lots of maturity to the aromatic palette. The delicacy and naturalness of the distillate found in this version is wonderfully showcased. The rich attack is then vanilla and herbaceous. Malted barley forms the backbone of the flavour palette. The mid-palate is liquorice and floral (orange blossom), and the end of the palate cocoa-inspired and rich (roasted apple). The silky start of the finish reveals numerous aromatic plants (sage, savory). Delicately tannic, the very end of the palate wavers between an invigorating bitterness (gentian) and a very fruity sweetness (grape, yellow plum).

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Tasting Notes

Appearance : Golden yellow with hints of green.

Nose : Refined, distinguished. The very beautiful vanilla and herbaceous (verbena, sage) first nose is also marvellously milky (coconut, almond milk) and lemony. Allowed to breathe, ripe fruits (pear, Mirabelle plum), spearmint and beeswax bring a very pleasant sensation of maturity and freshness to the aromatic palette. With time, a handful of spices (pepper, nutmeg, clove), a hint of camphor and tiger balm bring out the qualities of a delicate and infinitely natural distillate.

Palate : Full-bodied, rich. With the same vanilla and herbaceous spirit as the nose, the attack proudly displays the insolence of its youth. The real backbone of the flavour palette, malted barley takes hold of the mid-palate. With it come notes of green liquorice, fresh walnut and orange blossom. The firm yet creamy end of the palate is delicately cocoa-inspired and rich (roasted apple, candied pear).

Overall : Long, silky. The magnificently rustic start of the finish is bucolic and of course malty and herbaceous (camomile, sage, savory). Delicately tannic, the mouthfeel wavers between invigorating bitterness (gentian) and fruity softness (grape pulp and yellow plum). A perfect summary of the nose and palate, the retro-nasal olfaction moves from the distillate to malted barley and from malted barley to fruit. The empty glass invites us to breathe in a very floral malted barley (honeysuckle, lavender, vine flower).

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