SMOOTH AMBLER 6 ans 2016 Single Barrel #2956 La Distillerie Générale Antipodes


Colour: burnished gold with copper tinges.

Nose: full-bodied, deep. The very elegant first nose reveals absolutely stunning notes of apricot, pecan nut, varnish and beeswax. Immediately after, cocoa powder spreads across the surface of the aroma palette. Allowed to breathe, lots of dried fruit and nuts (fig, date, hazelnut, almond) and enveloping fragrances of flowering geranium and reseda appear alongside notes of candied ginger and fleur de sel. Squash aromas marvellously punctuate the first stage of the tasting.

Palate: dense, slender. The praline, floral (iris) and spicy (saffron) attack is also characterized by notes of rye that reveal incredible depth. More chocolatey, the mid-palate is then especially exotic (guava, mango, persimmon). With flavours of carrot cake, the end of the palate is very rich. A few notes of Turkish delight and rose spirit finally add an oriental touch to the flavour palette.

Finish: long, sunny. Staying close to the rye, deeply distinguished notes of pipe tobacco also make their way through the start of the finish. At the end of the finish, as we continue to enjoy our carrot cake, flavours of candied ginger, dried apricot and lychee gradually take hold of the palate. The tertiary retro-nasal olfaction (porcini mushroom, lichen) recreates the aroma of decomposing precious wood. The empty glass is oriental (ylang ylang, curry, patchouli).

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Produced with 71% maize, 21% rye and 8% malted barley, this bourbon distilled in a Vendôme style column still was matured at the Cove Creek site in West Virginia at an altitude of 700 m. More introverted than the Rabbit Hole, Smooth Ambler has a power of seduction that combines both exuberance and discretion. Dressed in very beautiful autumnal tones, the palette of flavours and aromas is a succession of tertiary sequences whose fruity, floral, chocolatey and rich nuances mix harmoniously with extremely delicate woody notes.

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