RAMPUR 7 ans 2015 Bourbon Barrel Antipodes


Located at the foot of the Himalayas, the Rampur distillery malts all of its own barley, using an Indian six-row variety. The result of long distillation in stills made in India, this version matured in a first-fill bourbon cask expresses a delicious combination of exoticism and classicism. Its delicate texture moves from extreme voluptuousness into incredibly elegant minerality.

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Tasting Notes

: Deep gold.

Nose : Lively yet unctuous. The particularly exotic (mango, guava) and complex (apricot, strawberry, cut hay, cumin, chocolate, etc.) first nose is nonetheless very accessible. Allowed to breathe, the palette of aromas becomes creamier (wildflower honey, salted butter caramel, walnut oil). Dried fruits (apricot again, date) and notes of curry and ylang-ylang then fill the air with their heady florals.

Palate : Clean, precise. In symbiosis with the nose, the attack has a very soft texture like cotton or wadding. On the mid-palate, vanilla, pepper and rose petal flavours create a stunning flavour sequence. The exotic end of the palate (mango, persimmon, guava) also recreates the freshness of green barley.

Finish : Long, silky. Closely linked to the end of the palate, the start of the finish reveals notes of white chocolate and candied citrus fruit (orange, citron). With rare balance, the end of the finish is nuanced with refreshing tones of frozen yoghurt and mixed strawberries. In reverse, the retro-nasal olfaction is both mineral (slate) and floral (lavender, violet). Later, a bouquet of freshly ground spices rise from the empty glass (cinnamon, ginger, pepper, clove).

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