NUSBAUMER New Make Malt Bio Antipodes


Colour: colourless.

Nose: fresh, well-balanced. With a very pleasant creaminess, the first nose reveals incredibly harmonious aromas of both malt and fruits (apricot, wild strawberry). Midway between the world of whisky and white spirits, the aroma palette lingers on floral (carnation) and rooty (ginger) notes. The aroma sequence gradually develops rich notes of porridge and biscuit.

Palate: full-bodied and taut. Redirecting the tasting with ginger notes, the attack also offers superb herbaceous (green barley), lemon and spicy (saffron, cinnamon) notes. With huge vivacity, the midpalate reveals numerous white fruits (pear, apple, Mirabelle plum). Also particularly harmonious, the texture on the palate is a subtl combination of tangy juice and silky smoothness (fruit peel).

Finish: long, uncompromising. Having found the perfect balance of fruity tones and malty flavours, the start of the finish on this newmake reveals a truly impressive maturity. The unctuous end of the finish wavers between a pleasant vegetal freshness, juicy fruit and cereal notes. The retro-nasal olfaction hands over to a single fruit: pear. The empty glass is then intensely malty

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Produced with a mash composed of two organic malts, Pielsen (90%) and Cara Aroma (10%), distilled twice in a Müller column still, this organic new-make spirit from Nusbaumer is impressively
full-bodied. With rare sensitivity and purity, its flavour and aroma palette wavers throughout the tasting between malty and fruity notes that rival each other in intensity without ever colliding.

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