MICRO BATCH 13 ans Jamaican Rum Antipodes Rest & Be Thankful


Colour: golden yellow.

Nose: fresh yet heady. The fruity (pineapple, banana) and oxidative (warm honey, macerated fruit) first nose reveals remarkable depth of vision. Allowed to breathe, heady fragrances of vetiver, flowering geranium and candied ginger flood the air. Gradually, notes of tar and arnica take over.

Palate: rich, full-bodied. Very unlike the nose, the attack is at first milky (coconut) and vanilla (pod, flan). This is followed by a beautiful vegetal sequence (sugar cane, liquorice stick). On the mid-palate, notes of wax and white mint provide a fresh and unctuous transition. The end of the palate is gently praline, spicy (cinnamon, nutmeg) and slightly camphoric.

Finish: long, taut. The very herbaceous (bay leaf, lime blossom), honeyed (lavender), heady (geranium, tuberose) and peppery finish gradually develops more exotic tones (pineapple, banana). At the end of the finish, flavours of sugar cane and vanilla harmonise delicately. The retro-nasal olfaction is then vanilla and empyreumatic (rubber, tar). The very rich and intense empty glass is almost identical to the first nose.

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This small batch of five casks was produced from rums distilled in pot stills from New Yarmouth (2005), Long Pond (2005), Clarendon Estate (2007), the village of Lluidas Vale (2008) and a rum distilled in a column still from Clarendon Estate (2007). On the nose and retro-nasal olfaction, it reveals empyreumatic petrol notes that are an icon of Jamaican rum. Between these two highlights of the tasting, vanilla pods, heady florals, exotic fruits and flavours of sugar cane complete a lively transition that overflows with generosity.

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