Pleurat Shabani and cellar master Bernadeta Ejsmont took over three years to hone their blends and bring us Konik’s Tail. Tucked away not far from Belarus’s largest forest, long untouched by Man, the distillery produces a traditional vodka that shows incredible maturity, with each bottle signed by the cellar master himself.

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Made from spelt, rye and winter wheat, this vodka bears the name of an ancient breed of Polish wild pony that lives in the dense forestland near the distillery. Legend has it that the mere sight of one of these ponies is a sign of a bountiful harvest to come. Thus Konik’s Tail was born, a blend of spelt, rye and winter wheat that undergoes stringent vetting processes, made using ancient, traditional Polish distillation techniques.

Profile: spiced (white pepper, pink peppercorn). Spelt. Exotic (pineapple, mango). Earthy. Gentian root and intense spices (clove, mustard seed).

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