NEISSON Profil 105 Bio


In recent years, Neisson has developed its expertise in using different heating profiles for its rums. Based on Neisson’s organic (bio) foundation, this complex rum releases smoky, fruity, and spicy notes. Its finish is subtle and brings out floral and sugarcane notes, which often characterize the terroir of rums from this small distillery in the northern Caribbean.

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Tasting Notes

: The olfactory experience begins with a gentle woody essence that unmistakably conjures thoughts of butterscotch. It can be likened to a creamy nut spread, albeit mellowed by a graceful infusion of cane juice with hints of lime zest. With aeration, venturing into the realm of a white and pure rum, beautifully infused with the essence of citrus fruits and enriched with cane fiber. This concoction is simultaneously sweetened and impeccably behaved. The latter part of the journey reintroduces woody undertones, expertly adding a weathered character to the agricultural rum.

Palate : Upon sipping, the palate is graced with a delicate and nuanced initiation, where the rum appears to gather its strength before unleashing a display of caramelized wood notes. The initial sensation is that of fresh cane infused with the zest of citrus, illuminating the taste buds with its sun-kissed juice before enveloping them in the comforting flavors of gentle oak, butterscotch, and coconut.

Finish : The finish circles back to a subtly spiced and delectable cane juice sensation.

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