KNAPPOGUE CASTLE 2000 Ex Libris Winds Of May Antipodes


The third installment of the olfactory and gustatory triptych dedicated to Knappogue Castle in the Ex-Libris range of the LMDW 2023 creation catalog, this version aged in a port ruby cask has clearly made its home in Lusitania. Uncompromisingly, it has fed on red and black fruits to satiety and has taken on the very subtle chocolate, herbal, and floral nuances that are usually the preserve of the most famous of fortified wines. However, although it has relegated malted barley to a supporting role, it remains true to its Irish roots by skillfully reproducing the delicious and extraordinarily seductive character of the best Irish whiskeys.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Rose copper.

Nose : Ample, pulpy. With a very pleasant grapey note (black grapes), the first nose instantly transports us to a lagar where whole bunches of grapes have just been foot-trodden. Delicate, the aromatic palette is also finely oxidative (apricot, cherry eau de vie, crushed strawberry, and raspberry). As we delve deeper, aromas of prune mingle with notes of dark chocolate, fig, and tobacco. Superb.

Palate : Lively, slender. On the attack, cocoa powder spreads over the taste buds. Then, flavors of candied fruit (apricot, peach) and plantain banana provide a lot of charm to the taste palette. In the mid-palate, citrus fruits (mandarin, orange) make a timely appearance. The finish is refreshed by various infusions (black tea, sage, absinthe) as well as eucalyptus flavors.

Finish : long, silky. Mineral (slate), the beginning of the finish oscillates between heady flowers (hawthorn, honeysuckle, wallflower), red and black fruits (strawberry, grape, cherry), and spices (curry, cinnamon, ginger). Evoking a delicious crème brûlée, the retro-olfaction is of rare suavity. The empty glass reveals particularly intense fragrances of linden, elderberry, and undergrowth (mushrooms, lichen).

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