JAMAICA 32 ans 1990 HD CH The Colours of Rum Impressions New Vibrations W. S.


Composed solely of exceptional rums, the “The Colours of Rum” collection illustrates the remarkable selection work carried out since 2007 by the Polish trading house Wealth Solutions, which also markets rare wines, cognacs, and whiskies. Fully aged in the continental European climate, this venerable version has braved the ravages of time, retaining all the mineral and empyreumatic ardor of its youth.

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Tasting Notes

: Pale gold.

Nose : Fine, smooth. Shared between notes of hydrocarbons, agave, and ripe banana, the initial nose evolves towards medicinal (balm) and liqueur-like (sugarcane, juicy pear) registers. With aeration, a hint of camphor and some spices (ginger, cloves) enliven the taste palette.

Palate : Both lively and smooth. At the palate’s attack, the empyreumatic character of the nose asserts itself further. More lacteous (coconut, almond) and acidic, the mid-palate carries flavors of pineapple. The finish is endowed with a pleasant root bitterness (gentian).

Finish : Long, fresh. Vegetal (sugarcane), the finish has a slightly rough texture (artichoke heart). Quickly, the aftertaste takes on tarry paths. The finish is simultaneously velvety (cotton) and medicinal (bandage).

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