Delos is the second release in the “Extinct Blends” quartet, celebrating and reimagining different styles of Blended Scotch Whisky from the past. Delos follows in the footsteps of the sumptuous maritime landscape of Ultramarine and takes its name from a central Mediterranean island in ancient Greek religion. Delos draws inspiration from Asyla, one of the “lost” whiskies from Compass Box. The illustration is derived from the meaning of the whisky’s name, “asyla” being the plural form of “asylum” – a place of safety, sanctuary, or retreat. The ideal refuge, and the image that Compass Box had in mind was an isolated and sunny island. After researching sanctuary islands, Delos was discovered. Considered the birthplace of the god Apollo in Greek mythology, the island of Delos boasts numerous ancient sites, including mosaics. Compass Box reimagined the lute player from the original Asyla label in the form of a mosaic. However, in this version, she plays a lyre, the instrument typically associated with Apollo. The outline of the tiles has been broken to reflect the shores of Delos and Greece. The overall visual is designed to be meditative, beautiful, and calm, just like Asyla itself. Whiskies from the Cameronbridge distillery (Single Grain) and Glen Elgin, formerly present in Asyla, make an appearance in Delos. The same goes for some of the last casks of whisky from the now-closed Imperial distillery. “An extinct distillery for our own extinct blend.”

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Tasting Notes

: A sweetness wafts into the nose with different waves of ripe pear, pineapple, orange essence, and vanilla cream.

Palate : A blend of fruit tarts and white chocolate reveals itself on the palate, while the maturity of the whiskies that compose it gradually unveils guava, heather honey, and chai spices.

Finish : A long and indulgent finish carried by exotic notes.

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