CHICHIBU 8 ans 2013 Chichibu Wine Cask #9664 Antipodes


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Produced from various varieties of barley (Braemar, Concerto, Tipple and Propino), this version has been aged in a cask previously used for a local wine produced from the Koshu grape variety, one of the oldest grown in Japan. With incredible originality and boldness, right from the start of the tasting, it has no qualms in venturing into the world of gin to take on a deeply invigorating herbaceous freshness. It then paces up and down the slopes of vines to bring shine and depth to the fruity, floral and spicy nuances of its flavour and aroma palette.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Burnished gold.

Nose : Lively, original. On the first nose, juniper aromas bring gin to mind. After this vegetal sequence, the aroma palette becomes vinous (very slightly beady natural white wine). Allowed to breathe, exotic fruits (kiwi, passion fruit) and citrus fruits (orange, mandarin) appear alongside notes of grape. Gradually, these different aroma sequences mix together, finding perfect fruity equilibrium.

Palate : Unctuous, fresh. The attack is quite different from the nose and instead voluptuously fruity and deliciously chocolatey. On the mid-palate, whole bunches of very ripe white grapes release their tangy yet sweet juice. The silky end of the palate is equipped with a beautiful thirst-quenching bitterness, and adds a floral (lime blossom, petunia), delicately spiced (candied ginger) and apricot touch that brings to mind a fine Savennières wine.

Finish : Long, well-balanced. More autumnal (chestnut, sweet chestnut) and fabulously chocolatey, the start of the finish explores new, more southerly wine-growing lands. With more than a little in common with an oxidative vin de voile from the Gaillac appellation and produced with the Mauzac grape, the flavour palette is now incredibly full and silky. The retro-nasal olfaction wavers between precious wood, exotic fruit (mango, guava), cocoa bean and incense. The empty glass is then majestically malty.

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