CHAIRMAN’S RESERVE 13 ans 2008 Antipodes


Single Cask No. 0469-06-2008 – ex Bourbon Barrel Limited edition of 220 bottles An LMDW exclusive Selected in collaboration with the cellar master of the Saint Lucia distillery, Cyril Mangal, this version crafted from molasses from English Guiana and the Dominican Republic was distilled in the famous double retort John Dore still installed in 2005. Extremely complex, step by step, its aromatic and gustatory palette reveals enchanting floral and fruity notes, supported by an infinitely delicate woody character.

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Tasting Notes

: Topaz

Nose : Rich, complex. Stunningly beautiful, the first nose, marked by citrus (bitter orange, clementine), also reveals medicinal (balm), honeyed (acacia), spicy (Espelette pepper), syrupy (molasses), nobly spiced (saffron, cardamom), tropical (bougainvillea, anthurium), and vanilla. With aeration, the aromatic palette becomes increasingly elegant (rose petal, mango, vetiver, sugar cane flower), and tertiary (beeswax, gouache, paneling).

Palate : Elegant, slender. Airy, the mouthfeel combines with exquisite refinement notes of ripe banana, warm sugarcane, jasmine flowers, and bourbon vanilla. Delightfully licorice and fruity (apricot, mandarin), the mid-palate also reveals notes of aged wood of great nobility of expression. Then, gradually, cocoa powder and grated ginger tactfully settle on the palate.

Finish : Long, stately. Smoky (cedar, asphalt, incense), the start of the finish smoothly transitions to particularly suave toffee and sugarcane honey notes. In the aftertaste, medicinal tones (balm, mustard plaster) act as an ointment, spreading over the palate walls. The retro olfaction is incomparably gentle (artichoke heart, fresh walnut). Autumnal, the empty glass reveals aromas of mushrooms, moss, and chestnut.

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