CAPERDONICH Aged 20 Years ARTIST 10th Anniversary S.V


Speyside Single Malt, 55.8%, 70cl — Single Cask # 29488, Hogshead Limited edition of 251 bottles — LMDW Exclusive

Deep burnished gold

Refined, distinguished. The very slender first nose is a subtle mix of citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit), vanilla, wildflower (dandelion, buttercup), ripe fruit (pear, apple) and spices (black pepper). Allowed to breathe, the spices become hot (Cayenne pepper) and Mirabelle plum, pineapple and banana are added to the fruits found on the first nose. Malted barley then fills the aromatic palette with resinous notes (pine, thuja). As a whole, the nose is remarkably consistent.

Clean, lively. The same citrus fruits from the nose bring lots of energy to the attack, as new fruits (peach, canary melon) appear. On the mid-palate, malted barley creates a beautifully herbaceous transition. The end of the palate is then slightly medicinal (ointment), vanilla and floral (lily, iris). Gradually, a magnificent chocolate bitterness adds relief to the flavour palette’s mouth-watering character.

Long, full. At the start of the finish, noble spices (cinnamon, ginger, cumin) arrive just before exotic (persimmon, guava), honeyed (acacia) and herbaceous (straw, flax) flavours. Refreshing, the very end of the palate is mentholated and then medicinal (tiger balm). Much later, coconut milk, vanilla and lavender honey bring lots of sweetness to the retro-nasal olfaction. The empty glass is malty (barley pulp), powdery (rice), fruity (William’s pear) and slightly animal (bacon).

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Founded in 1897, the Caperdonich distillery was mothballed five years later. After reopening in 1965 under the name Glen Grant no. 2, it was dismantled in 2002 and demolished in 2010. Although produced in very limited quantities, this single malt is extremely well-renowned amongst enthusiasts. After the sensational Caperdonich 1966 Sherry Cask bottled in the late 1990s by Signatory Vintage, and the no-less remarkable From Huntly to Paris 1972 vintage, aged in a bourbon cask and selected by La Maison du Whisky from Duncan Taylor, this version joins the very restricted circle of top Caperdonich whiskies. Absolutely remarkable, it is a leading bottling in our Artist range, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary.

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