BUSHMILLS 32 ans 1989 Port Cask #6096 Conquête


Irish to the fingertips, Bushmills is the heir to a tradition that dates back more than 400 years and produces a single malt that is completely peat-free. Distilled three times, the new-make is collected at an impressive strength of 85%. After necessary reduction, it is then aged in a wide variety of barrels. In fact, Bushmills heavily invests in the rigorous sourcing of barrels from the United States, France, Andalusia, Portugal, Sicily and the Caribbean. A rare diversity that allows for the creation of unique expressions while preserving the undeniable Irish character of this whiskey.

After Bushmills 28 year Cognac-aged from our 2021 French Connections Creation Catalogue, we are proud to present this 32 year old Port-aged version. A true ode to triple distillation, it immerses us in a fruit-filled world that is both luxuriant and shimmering in an instant. With a great nobility of expression, it also reveals itself to be marvelously floral and very subtly spicy.

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Tasting Notes

: Complex, full-bodied. At first, exotic fruits (passionfruit, mango), beeswax, aromatic plants (fennel, sage), cardamom and red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) are the main players in an engaging and full-bodied olfactory sequence. Superb. Upon aeration, strong spices (pepper, cloves) and Tiger Balm come to the forefront. Absolutely divine honeysuckle scents transport us poetically into a world where time has stopped.

Palate : Elegant, lively. A true fruit basket with mango, lemon, passionfruit, orange, nuts, raspberry, blackberry, peach, pear, etc. – the palate attack is of great beauty. Upon aeration, orange blossom, heather honey, cinnamon and a few cloves provide a lot of rhythm to the tasting. Flavors of pipe tobacco and pine resin add a touch of severeness of great class.

Finish : Long, radiant. Crunchy, juicy and finely chocolatey, the start of the finish retains the exotic, lush and noble character of the nose and palate for a long time. It extends to notes of vanilla-bourbon, iris concrete and vervain. Very pure, the retro-olfaction is both fruity (strawberry, currant), gourmet (gingerbread) and fond (honey candy). The empty glass leaves behind notes of candied fruit (prune, apple), encaustic (wax, wood paste) and ripe apricot.

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