Islay Single Malt, 61.2%, 70cl — Small Batch of 3 casks, Refill Sherry Butt
Limited edition of 1740 bottles — LMDW Exclusive

Undoubtedly, while not an exact replica, this Bunnahabhain follows in the footsteps of the esteemed “20 rue d’Anjou” edition from our 2020 Creation Catalog. And no one would complain about that. Indeed, the same subtle blend of freshness and accomplished maturity continues to evoke profound emotions. The richness and complexity are present at every stage of the tasting experience. Perhaps, with the passing of time, the peat and smoke have grown more intense, and the medicinal character even more pronounced. One thing is certain: yellow fruits have replaced the red ones.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Vibrant gold.

Nose : Opulent, concentrated. With a wild dance of animalic notes reminiscent of a stable and smoked meat, intertwined with mineral elements of sleet and diesel, and the presence of olive oil, this nose is unquestionably peaty, earthy, and rooted in the essence of ginseng. It is also caressed by the wisps of smoke from a potent Havana cigar. Upon aeration, medicinal nuances of mustard plasters and tiger balm emerge, alongside iodine accents and heady floral hints of violet and hyacinth. Gradually, the introduction of candied lemons, succulent pears, and even roasted pineapple infuses the aromatic palette with refreshing luminosity, where the preferred color is undoubtedly yellow.

Palate : Dense, full-bodied. Initially, a fruity peatiness akin to William pears creates the perfect link between the nose and palate. Exceptionally phenolic, the mid-palate also carries medicinal undertones of mustard and a spicy interplay of cloves and juniper. Irrevocably, the taste buds are enrobed in licorice stick while aromatic herbs such as verbena and sorrel contribute to a refreshing atmosphere.

Finish : Long, warming. Intricately connected to the palate, the initial notes of the finish exude maltiness, peatiness, smokiness, fruitiness, and spiciness, with hints of black pepper and star anise. As the journey continues, the same candied lemons, pears, and pineapple resurface with renewed vigor in the spotlight. In retro-olfaction, a delicate tobacco note enhances the ensemble with a beautiful vegetal sequence. Interestingly, the empty glass presents a lactose-rich presence of coconut and vanilla custard, accompanied by hints of green beans and a subtle rubbery essence.

Profile : Rich, animalic.

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