BOWMORE 22 ans 1998 Conquête B.Bros


Extremely mineral, this version selected from the famous London house Berry Brother’s & Rudd is a subtle blend of youthful freshness and accomplished maturity. Like the best Bowmores, it reveals a peat full of nuances, always present but never intrusive. This lends mad charm to a freedom-loving aromatic and gustatory palette whose lyricism often flirts with poetry.

Oily, exotic. Roasted pineapple, ginger, iodine.

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Tasting Notes

: Bright Gold

Nose : Complex, fine. White fruits (lilac, lily of the valley), candied lemons, juicy apples, vanilla, musk, a touch of exoticism (pineapple), green liquorice, nuts, peat between land and sea, seaweed , seafood, chalk, charcoal, smoke that turns to soot, wax, a crackling fire, coriander, fennel… Bowmore is written in black letters on the white walls of the distillery .

Palate : Balanced, noble. Impressive, the attack on the palate is in line with the aromatic palette. That is to say its complexity and its refinement. And what to write about the way peat insinuates itself into every fruity, vanilla, floral, milky, spicy, herbaceous, iodized and saline note of the taste palette. The end of the mouth is a bouquet of white flowers with bewitching scents.

Finish : Long, greedy. At the start of the finish, a liquorice, vegetal (silt, reed) peat, more oily than saline, delicately coats the taste buds. In its wake, it carries candied lemons, Williams pears, vanilla and coriander from the first nose. The loop is thus closed. From the retro-olfaction and the empty glass escape aromas of fermentation and distillate flowing into the alcohol chest.

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