BENRIACH 27 ans 1994 First-Fill Smoky Oloroso Puncheon Single Cask 2057 Antipodes


Colour: topaz.

Nose: rich, concentrated. Characterised by notes of truffle, earth and root (ginger), the first nose also reveals a very pleasant fruity smoothness (plum, apple, quince). Allowed to breathe, the aroma palette becomes increasingly chocolatey, oily (black olive), intensely smoky (ash) and medicinal (sleet). The similarities with Laphroaig are clear with the addition of more and more exotic notes (pineapple, banana, passion fruit).

Palate: both unctuous and mineral. The fruity-soft (pear) and honeyed (acacia) attack is also animal (bacon, fish), peaty and smoky. On the mid-palate, notes of ash and tobacco (Havana cigar) give the flavour palette more intensity. The rich end of the palate is an invitation to enjoy a choice of roasted apple, roasted pineapple or a lively and invigorating verbena liqueur.

Finish: long, silky. Wavering between a salty, medicinal peat and a particularly fresh and juicy fruitiness, the start of the finish demonstrates perfect balance. Gradually, the flavour palette becomes more empyreumatic (chimney fire, soot), while a chocolatey peat definitively gains the upper hand. On the retro-nasal olfaction, agave flavours add a vegetal freshness. The empty glass is at once malty, camphoric and rich (artichoke heart).

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During Benriach’s sustained period of closure (1900-1965), only the malting floors remained active in order to supply the neighbouring distillery of Longmorn. After closing in 1998, they were then reopened in 2013 and are currently still used on occasion. In many ways, this Benriach distilled in 1994 is the reflection of a bygone era. The palette of aromas and flavours wavers from start to finish between a very Speyside-esque honeyed, chocolatey and fruity richness and an earthy, smoky, medicinal and salty character that undeniably has something of the Laphroaig about it.


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