AIKAN 2017 Petit Lot Version Française Antipodes Chêne Neuf Français Et US


Like the rum cask finish found in the À La Conquête des Origines creation catalogue, this first small batch for the Version Française range was distilled in Lorraine and then matured in the tropical climate of Martinique, in French and American new oak casks. Revealing notes of peat and smoke with particularly delicate salty, herbaceous and empyreumatic dimensions, its aroma and flavour palette also features liquorice, chocolate and vegetable sequences of a rare eloquence and generosity

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Burnished gold.

Nose: Rich, heady. Characterised by notes of resin, toffee, pepper and a vegetal yet mineral-rich peat, the first nose is also syrupy (roasted pineapple, sun-dried grapes). Allowed to breathe, acacia honey and cane sugar fragrances confirm this sweet evolution. Then, with time, herbaceous (tobacco, hemp), slightly empyreumatic (ashy), floral (gentian, lily, geranium) and spicy (clove) aromas deeply fragrance vanilla pods.

Palate: Full-bodied, balanced. On the attack, a fine layer of liquorice coats the taste buds. This entrance makes way for 100% cocoa chocolate flavours. Bolstered by this beautiful bitterness, the mid-palate uses this to allow a full expression of delicately peaty and smoky malted barley grain. The end of the palate is different and heads out to explore intensely fruity lands (apple, William’s pear, pineapple, Mirabelle plum).

Overall: Long, rich. The very lightly empyreumatic start of the finish (soot, chimney fire) takes us to the heart of a vegetable patch. Notes of courgette flower, artichoke and white bean softly coat the edge of the palate. At the end of the finish, aromatic plants (verbena, sage, camomile) refresh the taste buds with perfect timing. The retro-nasal olfaction and empty glass are like a delicious spinach pie cooked in a wood fire.

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