WHITLAW 2014 Very Cloudy Signatory Vintage


Behind this name hides the distillery of the Orkney Islands Highland Park, a distillery which uses its own peat from the nearby hills of Hobbister Moor to dry the barley still malted on site. This version distilled in 2014 and aged in old Butts makes us navigate between subtly smoky notes, white fruits and the rich and oily character characteristic of the Very Cloudy range.

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Signatory Vintage is not one of the oldest in Scotland, yet it has managed to earn a very good reputation among the great connoisseurs of malt. Creator of the famous The Prestonfield range, and many others, it is best known for its bottling in cask strength and without chill filtering, thus allowing the amateur to taste his whiskey in the most natural state possible. It was also one of the very first independent bottlers to acquire a distillery, and now offers more and more versions of one of the most artisanal single malts.


Like The Un-Chillfiltered Collection, whiskeys in the Very Cloudy range are bottled from small batches of two to five barrels. Reduced to 40% without chill filtration or coloring, they have a rich, very aromatic profile and have a slightly cloudy appearance. For the most authentic taste experience, they can be eaten at room temperature or slightly chilled to increase their oiliness. The Very Cloudy range is exclusive to La Maison du Whisky.

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